Making your LLMs more reliable and safe

The simplest way to monitor, test and improve your AI system to face safety-critical challenges.

LLMs testing made easy

Optimization-Based Testing

Utilize our optimization-based testing to push AI models to their limits, to handle any real-world scenario with reliability

Advanced Real-Time Monitoring

Leverage our advanced real-time monitoring tools to continuously track and assess AI performance

Synthetic Data Generation

Improve the reliability of your AI with our synthetic data generation, to correct specific weaknesses in your models

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Fully Customizable LLM Testing

Our testing service utilizes optimization algorithms to deliver insightful performance metrics that are fully customizable. This allows for precise evaluation of your LLM's ability to tackle real-world challenges.

Metrics Reliability, Security and Sensitivity AI Systems

Real-Time Monitoring

Experience peace of mind thanks to our continuous tracking and real-time assessment of your AI performance, which facilitates the rapid identification and resolution of emerging issues and vulnerabilities.

AI Chatbot Hallucination Detected by Fireraven

Clear, Actionable Insights

Leverage our visualization tools and synthetic data generation capabilities to obtain clear, actionable insights that significantly enhance the effectiveness and reliability of your model.

LLM Tests Results Hallucinations, Data Leaks, Jailbreaks, Professionalism, Discrimination, Clarity

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Who is Fireraven for?
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Fireraven is ideal for AI developers and businesses seeking to enhance the reliability and performance of their LLMs before deployment, ensuring quality and trustworthiness for end-users.
Is Fireraven accessible through an API?
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Yes, Fireraven offers an API for seamless access to its testing environment, allowing developers to integrate testing capabilities directly into their workflows.
How will Fireraven use my data?
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We keep your data on private and secure servers on AWS. We don't share your data and we don't sell it to anyone. We make sure you can test your LLMs in a secure environment without having to worry about privacy.
How does Fireraven detect biases in AI models?
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Fireraven utilizes advanced algorithms to systematically identify biases in AI models, analyzing diverse datasets to ensure fairness and transparency in outcomes.
How are testing results displayed?
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Fireraven's web dashboard provides intuitive visualizations of testing results, featuring customizable reporting tools for easy interpretation and analysis.

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