We are Fireraven
Reliability AI from Fireraven, more reliable AI systems with stress testing
Our mission is to drive the advancements of reliable AI to help more businesses harness the power of this new technology. We believe that the more secure and reliable an AI system is, the more beneficial it can be, and the more people it can serve. Our goal is thus to allow more projects to use AI to deliver value to their clients as fast as possible, without spending too much time on making their AI reliable and secure.
Our two cofounders started Fireraven when they realized that AI systems were becoming widely used, but not many people were thinking about the safety and reliability implications of such systems. Experts in AI, and knowing how this technology could easily become a two-edged sword if developed improperly, they decided to create a solution to help all businesses to make sure their AI projects would be safe and reliable before releasing them.
AI is a great technology, and as such, it should be developed with great care.
Meet our founders
Jean-Sébastien Patenaude - Fireraven Cofounder
Jean-Sébastien Patenaude
Before Fireraven, Jean-Sébastien founded his first AI startup that got incubated in NextAI and Centech. He also worked in AI for multiple startups and financial institutions.
Jean-Sébastien Patenaude - Fireraven Cofounder
Philippe Maisonneuve
Before Fireraven, Philippe got his Master's degree in AI from MILA and started his PhD in AI and Energy at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He also worked in AI for financial institutions.